We are a Kingdom-minded marketplace business and ministry. Please email us (info@ileadershipgroup.com) or submit a message on our contact page if you are interested in talking with us about any of the areas below that we offer services in.


Professional Consulting Services

We will consult with you concerning any area of your business and/or ministry. We have very talented and gifted people willing to work with you in all areas of office administration, information technology,  and network administration as well as other areas of ministry such as pastoral, youth, drama, dance, and music. We will help you learn to hear God’s voice for your business, church, or ministry.


Brainstorming Think Tanks

We specialize in bringing together individuals and leaders in the fields of business, government, private industry, education, and ministry for the purpose of open dialogue and the development of a network that understands their full purpose and realizes the measure of strength and support found in the bonds of right relationship.,We often find ourselves working with organizations such as Your Quantum Life, Global Marketplace Alliance, and Louisiana Family Forum.

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We are always working hard to grow a network of businesses, ministries, and individuals who have a heart to do what is right and who are hungry for hidden things to be revealed and discovered, that will bring a “re-forming” and transformation of our cities, our nation, and our world.


Conferences, Seminars, and Pulpit Ministry

We can host and will speak at various conferences, seminars, and churches on topics such as civic responsibility, the City Church, who you are in Christ and many others that deal with growing your business and marketplace ministry.